When An Advent Calendar Gives You Karma Points

by | 2 Dec 2018 | Christmas, How To | 2 comments

This year spending a small fortune on quality chocolate Advent calendars for my wife Allie and I was not an option so we had to come up with alternative plan. For me it was easy. As a longtime AFOL (Adult Fan of Lego) and Minifigure collector I opted for this year’s Lego City Advent. After some internet research Allie decided she would like a tea advent she had seen on a foodie website so off we went to our respective iPads and placed our orders.

Roll on this morning when I woke up and remembered why I had had a nagging feeling all day yesterday that I had forgotten to do something. In the excitement of receiving my latest Lego order I had completely forgotten to sort out Allie’s teas. Whilst they were individually wrapped and numbered they were sent stacked one on top of each other in a festive box.  Next to my awesome Lego advent and the dogs organic dog treat advent Allie’s looked rather inadequate. 

Now because of my stupid memory (or lack of) not only was I faced with turning the tea box into something more resembling an actual advent calendar but also having to perform this miracle as quickly as possible so I could open my first Lego window the dog could have her first advent treat Allie could have a cup of tea (never get between Allie and her tea)!

Luckily for me we own and run a eBay business that just happens to sell a variety of Christmas items at this time of year so off I shot into the office/stock room and grabbed a sheet of festive stickers, a fill-your-own advent envelope kit and some felt pens and mini post-it notes from my desk drawer.

When An Advent Calendar Gives You Karma Points 1In the end the hardest part was thinking up 24 cute notes (I stuck one to each tea sachet before tucking them into the advent envelopes) on the spot. I also found it quite stressful randomising the sticker decorating on the outside of the envelopes and trying to space out the 24 envelopes when I hung them up but that’s more my OCD tendencies than an inability to do it.

I was pretty pleased with the end result and Allie was over the moon at the thoughtfulness and personalisation I‘d added. Meaning I earned major wife points (which I’m hoping will count towards the new Lego modular in January).

Allie loved her festive spice tea, the dog enjoyer her 3 mini treats and I had fun building my first mini Lego toy… roll on day 2!

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  1. Allison

    I love, love, love the tea calendar! Question is, who gets the most excited at opening their advent this year? You, me, or the dog? (I think Freya is winning…) x

    • Kate HW

      Freya but only marginally…


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