So you’ve stumbled across my blog, had a look around and hopefully like what you’ve seen and read so far.

Now you maybe wondering who is the me behind

I often question this myself…

Let’s start with the easy bit. My name is Kate and I currently live in the south-east of England. At the time of writing this I am 48, gay and have been married almost 12 years.

So I’m gay, so what? Why is that relevant? It took me a while to decide if I would mention it or not but in the end I decided to for a number of reasons


Omitting it may not technically be a lie but I try to live a Buddhist lifestyle and not lying is one of The Five Precepts which is the basis of Buddhist morality so by avoiding it is really a lie by omission as far as I’m concerned.


I really don’t want to be constantly editing myself by using generic terms or glossing over what could be a great post because it has something to do with me being gay or my wife.


Not disclosing it is kind of saying i think there’s something wrong with being gay (which I don’t think) and that would not be good karma to be putting out there especially for people who may be struggling with their own sexuality or just unsure with what or how they’re feeling.


I’m too old to be getting back in the closet after being out for 25 odd years!

Me & My Blog 1

I really hope me being gay doesn’t turn you off reading or following this blog but if it does then I wish you well and to be honest you’re probably not a reader I will miss. Harsh? Maybe it is but it’s the truth.

According to my social media profile I’m all of these; Wife, Daughter, Auntie, Sister, Friend, Photographer, aspiring Buddhist, Web Designer, Writer, AFOL, Coffee Lover, eBayer, Apple Fangirl, Hiker, Music Lover, Wonder Woman collector and a Bichon Frise owner.

That’s not a complete list, by far, as there’s a whole lot more to me that you will get to know over the coming months if you stick around.

Enough about me, now onto my vision for this blog.

I’m not quite sure I can accurately define my blog as she (yes, my blog is a she) is still evolving and hopefully will continue to do so. Maybe I should clarify what my blog isn’t.

Me & My Blog 2

Affiliate Site

She is not an affiliate site, although I will be giving recommendations about things I’ve personally used or still use and may even throw in some product reviews from time to time. A lot of the links will probably be affiliate links but no reader is obligated to click on them and I will make them obvious. Of course if you would like to contribute to my hosting costs then by all means please use the affiliate links.

Gay/Lesbian Rights Website

Her owner happens to be gay but that does not define me or my blog. From time to time I may mention situations or news reports concerning gay rights or gay related topics but only if I personally feel passionately about them. Likewise I might mention other issues or news reports concerning things that I have an interest in.

Political Debating Site

I have little or no interest in politics and consider most politicians and political parties to be as bad as each other and will not spend my precious time tangled up in heated online debates.

In a nutshell my blog will be whatever I feel like it should be on any given day. Part journal, part observations, part tip-bits and lessons, part quotes and inspirations, part recommendations, part questions and a lot of weird random thoughts and posts. A chance I hope for readers to get involved by commenting and taking polls along with one or two guest posts (did I mention my wife is a freelance writer)? To sum it up I really hope my blog will be FUN. Fun to write and fun for everyone to read. So without further ado, lets get started shall we? Until next time.


Disclaimer – All opinions and points of view are solely mine and in no away reflect the opinions of any individual or company that I may choose to write about on this blog.

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