Has Spring Finally Sprung?

Has Spring Finally Sprung?

Has Spring Finally Sprung (1)

What is it about the sun shining that makes you want to clean?

I know it’s not just me as I’ve had conversations with friends about this and they are exactly the same.

Maybe it’s the sun streaming through the windows highlighting their grubbiness and the dusty furniture. Or perhaps just the feeling of coming out of hibernation after a wet and windy winter?

Regardless of the reason I was ready for some major spring cleaning this weekend!  Thank goodness Ali felt the same, so whilst she concentrated on the outside I got stuck into the inside.

We ended up spending the whole weekend being very domesticated. Whilst I cleaned, polished and hoovered Ali potted her vegetable seeds (to start the germination process), mowed the lawn and dug over and weeded the vegetable plot.

We did manage to go out for an hour or so on Saturday and Sunday but I really think I need to choose the date venues from now on as we ended up down the local refuge centre getting rid of all the rubbish we had ripped out from the office in January!

We did chuckle on the drive home from the tip as we rocked up in our DIY jeans and t-shirts including rigger gloves and got stuck in.  Next to us a 4×4 pulled in and two women got out in their Sunday best, opened up the boot and proceeded to carry half a dozen things (one at a time, of course, in case they chipped a nail) over to the recycling bins before driving off!  Who the hell dresses up to go to the tip? lol

When we got back home the weather was so nice and warm in our little patio courtyard area we decided to eat lunch out there and soak up the sun before getting going again.

Ali got pretty much everything she wanted done in the garden whilst I only got two rooms out of 8 cleaned. To be fair the kitchen and bathroom do take the longest to clean from top to bottom (who knew we had so much chrome) but I’m hoping to clean the rest of the house during the week in between work projects.

Why not let me know how you spent your weekend in the comments below?

Until next time,



  1. Melissa Forster
    12 Apr 2016

    Cool post. I totally understand what you mean about spring cleaning. With me it’s like coming out of house hibination and wanting a fresh start even if we’re 3 or 4 months into the year already. lol

  2. Moo
    20 Mar 2016

    It’s a great time of the year for getting seeds started. I’m patiently waiting for some of mine to surface! Great post – it made me smile.

    • Kate
      20 Mar 2016

      Thanks for taking the time to read and comment.
      Personally I would rather spring clean inside the house than the garden but spring cleaning is also very relevant in the garden as well.

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