Pet Peeves – Driving

Pet Peeves – Driving

Having just driven 600 miles over two days on our journey home from the Scottish Highlands I just had to add this post to my Pet Peeves category!

By no means am I the perfect driver and I don’t claim to be but there is definitely a lot of people out there who should not be allowed to drive.

Below you will find a few of my pet peeves when it comes to driving and drivers. All these are honest to god real life experiences that Ali and I witnessed whilst coming home.

Bad DriversThe Middle Lane Driver

Driving along without moving out of the middle lane is bad enough but why must these people also drive under the speed limit?
At one point on the M6 I got caught behind a middle lane driver and whilst waiting for a gap in the fast lane so I could overtake them I had to keep slowing down as they had decided not only to poodle along in this lane but to do so at 55 miles per hour!

If the thought of driving 60-70 miles per hour frightens you THEN YOU SHOULDN’T BE MOTORWAY DRIVING!
As much as I’m loath to admit this the majority of the middle lane culprits were women and most of them looked terrified. The rest were middle aged men in their “can’t get it muddy as its only for show” SUV’s.

The I’m Going To Sit On Your Arse To Intimidate You To Go Faster Driver

Maybe once upon a time this tactic would have worked on me but now it just makes me drive slower or if you’re really annoying keep touching my brakes.

The drivers who typically tried this tactic on our way home were the flashy “look at me and my company car” drivers who thought the fast lane was meant for those who drove 80 plus miles an hour. By no means am I a slow driver but I stick to the speed limit so it wasn’t like I was going slow but the words speed limit is just a number to them and not the law.

The God Forbid I Should Change Lanes So You Can DriverTailgating

You’re driving along and approaching the car in front so you turn on your indicator as you want to overtake them but before doing so you check your side mirror and see a car coming up in the lane you wish to move into.

Now that driver should see you indicating and in turn (if it is clear) indicate themselves and move over to allow you to move into the lane but do they? HELL NO! In fact more than one car just kept driving in their lane despite the next lane being clear and I would be very surprised if they were even aware I was indicating and waiting to pull out.

One driver in particular not only failed to move lanes to allow me to move lanes but they sat along side me matching my speed and effectively boxing me in. In the end I was forced to slow down, indicate and move into the lane behind him then indicate and overtake him before moving back into my original lane.

The Totally Unaware Driver

Now this driver you thankfully don’t see very often but when you do you wonder if it’s for real.  These drivers are normally old and should not be driving, period!

One such driver we encountered thought she had her own personal lane as nobody else was using it BECAUSE ITS THE HARD SHOULDER LADY!!!

Not only was she blissfully unaware but she kept drifting onto the rumble stripes and shot right across an exit junction totally ignorant to what she was doing.

Another driver we witnessed coming down a slip road to join the motorway but instead of filtering in they stopped dead causing the cars behind them to brake suddenly and pull out around them, unbelievable!

So there you have it, some of my driving pet peeves.

What are some of your pet peeves, driving related, or not I’d love to hear them.

Until next time,


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